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Yara Bader

Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
France, Paris
2009- Now: Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression:
During my years with SCM, I have learned different work experiences. Started in 2009 as independent researcher. In 2010 I became the “head” of research department, for media and freedom of Expression.
Between 2012- 2015 I took the lead on advocacy campaign for the freedom of our colleagues who were arrested, including visit to mobilization and pressure, advocacy in the UN General Assembly, the European Union and the Human Rights Council media work and cooperation, and direct follow-up to the legal situation of the colleagues.
In 2016-2017 I moved to more administrative tasks, as a “deputy director”.
In 2018 I took the responsibility of developing the programs of the unit “Civil Society”, in addition to my duty as “deputy director”.

Since 2016- I am a member of (Committee to Protect Journalists “CPJ” Advisory board for MENA region)- New York- America.

Write in culture journalism since 2004,
2014-2015: Reporter for "Al Quds Al Arabi" newspaper for cultural events from Lebanon.
2016-2017 Head of women section on “Tlaana al Huria” newspaper
2015- Present: Movie review with “AlJAZIRA Documentary”.
2009 - Editor Secretary to “Media Culp” Center monthly magazine.
Freelance journalist with "Al Quds Al Arabi" - London. Since 2003- 2016, in "Literature and art".

Honors and awards:
•Member of PEN INTERNATIONAL. (Since 2017)
•Peace Prize- Germany 2018
•Human Rights Watch's “Alison Des Forges” Award 2015.
•ILaria Alpi Prize 2012- Italy “For brave journalist women”.